30 Epic Growth Hacking Guides From 2019

Here’s a round up our favourite growth hacking guides we curated for the newsletter over the past 12 months.

Sit back, grab a coffee and be prepared to learn heaps from some of the very best growth marketers in our ecosystem right now.

3 Steps to Increasing Our Average Revenue Per User by 2.4x
Are you underpricing your service/product? A great look at how Steve Klein at StatusPage increased their average revenue per user by 2.4x.

Don’t Destroy Your Dev Team By Growing
Hiring at a pace faster than 1 new member per team every month puts a huge strain on the rest of the team.

Organizational Structure Is All About Pragmatism
“If you are growing fast, you have a different company every 6-12 months” – great advice from investor Elad Gil.

Expensify’s CEO on the Tactics that Doubled its Customer Base in Just Six Months
Expensify’s CEO David Barrett “dispels five myths about user acquisition and shares atypical truths about how to attract and retain new customers.”

How Do You Choose the Best Growth Team Model?
Andrew McInnes does a great job outlining how some of the top consumer product companies structure their growth teams.

Growing Convertkit To $30,000 In Monthly Recurring Revenue
Nathan Barry provides an honest account of growing Convertkit covering numbers, growth, sales and hiring. An excellent read for those bootstrapping a SaaS startup.

Lessons from Sixteen Months of Bootstrapping at Underdog.io
It’s impressive to see Underdog bootstrap to $1m in recurring revenue within 16 months.

How We Bootstrapped A SaaS Company To 4 Million Users
A good look at MindMeister’s startup life-cycle having bootstrapped their company to 4 million users. Props!

Here’s What a Real Growth Strategy Looks Like — Road Tested by Facebook and Remind
Meenal Balar, former director of international growth at Facebook and now with startup Remind, provides some great lessons and frameworks she’s learned over the years around user growth.

How the Hottest Startups in Silicon Valley Are Using Content to Fuel Their Growth
A look at how startups such as Uber, Airbnb, and Buffer are using storytelling and compelling content to fuel growth.

Sam Altman on Unit Economics
Very insightful read by Sam Altman on burn rates and unit economics.

How To Run Your Company Based On Metrics
VC David Teten shares why the best CEOs run their companies by their metrics, and includes the metrics you should be tracking and the tools that’ll help you do so.

How Fiverr Conquered Conversion with 400 A/B Tests and Counting
A really interesting article on the results of Fiverr’s 400 A/B split tests resulting in some really impressive conversion improvements.

How Skype Onboards New Users
UserOnboard once again does a great job breaking down how big tech companies onboard their users, this time looking at Skype. Heaps of valuable lessons to be learned with this one.

The complete SaaS guide to calculating and optimizing MRR/ARR
Jordan McBride at ProfitWell takes a deep look into “why MRR/ARR is important, how to calculate it, and most importantly how to optimize it so that you are getting the truest picture of the health of your SaaS company.”

The Story Behind How Pocket Hit 20M Users with 20 People
A really inspiring interview with Pocket founder Nate Weiner on growing the save-for-later app to 20 million registered users with a team of just 20 employees.

16 Startup Metrics
VC firm Andreessen Horowitz provides us with 16 startup metrics every founder should know and use.

The Post-YC Slump
While this article by Sam Altman is focused on YC startups, it acts as a great reminder we should all be building products users love and continuing to hit growth targets.

Analyzing scraped data from 6 giant blogs with confirmed 100,000+ subscribers
An in-depth analysis of 6 giant business/marketing blogs digging deep into headlines, word count, reach and more. A great read for those involved with content marketing.

Side Project Marketing Is the New King
A great read on the positive effects of side projects have for gaining exposure to your core product or service. This is a trend that’ll become a lot more popular going forward. Also worth a read is “”How side projects saved our startup”” by Crew co-founder Mikael Cho.

The Lead Magnet Bible: 29 Killer Bribes To Grow Your Email List
Need some ideas on how to grow your email list? This in-depth guide by Nick O’Neill at Holler has got you covered.

How to Talk to Journalists
Pete Warden of Google : “Knowing the day-to-day routines and constraints on reporters is essential if you’re going to do a good job helping them cover what you’re doing. Here’s my advice, based on my personal experiences over the last few years”

Our First Post Got 12k Views – This Is The Dead Simple Formula
A comprehensive post detailing how to jumpstart your content marketing by the team at Pipetop.

How To Become A Customer Acquisition Expert
VP of growth at HubSpot Brian Balfour shares some excellent advice and resources for founders looking to become better at digital marketing and customer acquisition.

Should startups and other businesses post their content on Medium?
An interesting discussion on Inbound whether we should be blogging on Medium or not. Rand Fishkin of Moz’s comment is an eye opener.

My 7-day cycle for generating content that gets read & shared by 30,000+ people/week
If your looking to up your content game, check out this excellent writing schedule from Paul Jarvis.

How to write a great blog post (and get featured on the Founders Grid newsletter)
Something I’ve been meaning to write for a while. Also includes the most popular content featured in the past 5 newsletters.

Put some rhythm in your copy
A really interesting and insightful read on putting rhythm into your copy.

What we learned analyzing 40+ top SaaS landing pages
ChartMogul have researched some great tips and advice for those re/designing a new SaaS landing page.

Applying Agile Methodology To Marketing Can Pay Dividends: Survey
A great article by Forbes on why we should apply Agile, commonly used in software development, to marketing.

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