A Beginners Guide to Trusts

What is a Trust? A trust is a private legal arrangement between a settlor and Trustees for the trustees to hold certain assets which previously belonged to the Settlor and to use those assets to benefit one or more beneficiaries. The details of the arrangement are contained in a Trust Deed or a Will and the assets held are referred to as the Trust Fund. A trust is a separate legal entity governed by the laws of the Country it is set up in. Who is the Settlor? The settlor is the person who has put money or property into...

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How to do Business and Hire Locals (for $400/Month) in Vietnam

In this audio interview I chat with Chris Zobrist, Founders Grid member and founder of the Saigon Hub – a vibrant co-working space in Saigon. We chat about the startup ecosystem, finding talent and general rules and tips for doing business in Vietnam. For more interviews like this one, and to connect with over 500 entrepreneurs in 68 countries, consider becoming a member and enjoy 20 other Audio interviews we have recorded covering online, offshore and global business. Topics discussed include: Why Vietnam? Difference between regions Company set-up Finding talent and hiring locals Co-working / office spaces Sales / Marketing Technology infrastructure...

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Land and Property Investment Opportunities in Lithuania

Why buy land and property in Lithuania? A consistent stream of foreign trade and exports supports stable growth in Lithuania With an estimated GDP of 3% by the end of year, Lithuania is set to be within the top 3 fastest growing countries in the EU Bordering to Latvia who also shows strong potential with a GDP of 5.2%, domestic markets should expand across the Baltic region Reduced emigrants’ remittances will likely spark additional incentives for foreign investment and residency Government deficit is set to narrow from 3% to 2.5% of GDP this year and is predicted to decline by...

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Can Myanmar Become The World's Leading Manufacturing Hotspot?

A lot has been going on with Myanmar as of late and it looks set to once again become a manufacturing hotspot for outsourcing companies. I thought it would be useful to highlight some of the more recent events and find out if anyone from the community plans to take advantage of opportunities available? Does anyone here currently outsource their manufacturing needs to Asia? If so how does Myanmar’s attractive incentives for foreign manufacturers weigh up? Previous success in manufacturing When looking at Myanmar’s outsourcing potential today, we should firstly note prior to sanctions put in place by the US,...

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World Wide Second Passport, Residency & Citizenship Options

In various countries around the world it’s possible to attain citizenship as a foreign national. Although the specific benefits which come with such vary from country to country, increasing political freedom is guaranteed. Possession of multiple citizenship automatically protects you from being subject to sole diplomatic rule. By obtaining recognition as a country citizen, you obtain the right to seek physical, political and in some cases, financial assistance from that country. Furthermore because citizenship is regarded an equal humanitarian right, no citizenship may supersede another. (more…)

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