Everything You Need to Know About Stripe Relay

stripe relay

Earlier this month, Stripe launched Relay — an API that lets online stores publish their products and sell them directly through apps like Twitter and ShopStyle. For example, a company that’s active on Twitter can tweet about a product, complete with a fully functional Buy Now button. Instead of clicking through to the merchant’s website and filling in a long order form, customers can buy products directly within Twitter, ShopStyle or any other supported apps. Relay makes it easier than ever for customers to shop for products online, avoiding the difficult process of working through a long, confusing checkout form on a...

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Which Online Payment Solution Should Your Startup Use?

With a wide range of options and new players continuously entering the industry, it can be difficult to know which online payment solution will best compliment your startup’s ecommerce platform. We took our top choices in the market and break down the pro’s and con’s for you to help you make an informed choice. Before we get into the actual solutions, we think it’s important to cover the basic lay of the land to accepting payments online, and go into some important trends happening in ecommerce. After that we will give you our top payment solution choices, their features, and...

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Quietly – A Content Creating Powerhouse

Anyone involved in marketing, analytics, or publishing will tell you that there’s no substitute for great content The question then becomes: what makes content great? Here, you’ll hear most people agree again that for content to be great it needs to be original, actionable, short, accurate, have a great headline, etc. – in other words, it takes work. Quietly has the team and the tools to help both brands and publishers with all of their content needs. (more…)

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Section.io – Simple Caching CDN as a Service

When you’re driving on the highway at 6:00pm and your car is at a full stop, or putting along at a mere 10 miles per hour, the word “traffic” is downright ugly. Yet, in the digital world, traffic is the one thing every entrepreneur wants. Unfortunately, just like on the road, if you’re not prepared, popularity can cause digital jams that slow down your content delivery and leave your visitors frustrated. So how do you build a digital six lane highway that keeps everyone going at a happy speed? Well, there’s section.io for that. You’re probably thinking, isn’t that what...

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50 Awesome LA Based Startups You Should Get To Know

With world famous startups like Snapchat and Beats, the Los Angeles, California startup scene is on the rise and gaining more and more attention. Venture capital in L.A. continues to rise, with incubators and accelerators like Amplify, Disney Accelerator, and Science Inc. are providing lots of early stage opportunity, and the diversity in these accelerators and venture firms is telling to the depth and diversity of the L.A. talent pool. Los Angeles top value for entrepreneurs is the opportunity it provides for the merger of technology and entertainment, with studios and entertainment agencies offering a strategic value to entrepreneurs that...

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Yclas – Create a free classifieds website within minutes

Have you ever wanted to make your own classifieds page, but don’t know where to start, or don’t have the technical know-how? If so, Yclas (who are also the same team behind openClassifieds) offer a fully customizable classifieds website platform. Yclas provides a fully functioning classified website which users can have up and running in a matter of minutes, and the best part is, it’s free (and required no technical know-how!)! “Yclas wants to make doing online business easier and accessible for everybody,” says Yclas founder, Marco Sanchez. And they’re doing just that. With responsive design and mobile ready sites,...

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5 Startup Accelerators That Boost Your UK Visa Chances

UK Startup Accelerators For UK Visa

The United Kingdom is home to over 30 startup accelerators that provide pre-seed funding to entrepreneurs in return for equity. Every year, they attract thousands of applicants from around the world, competing for a handful of positions in each programme. As a non-European entrepreneur you will not only need to beat the competition to get into the accelerator. You’ll also need a visa if the accelerator requires you to stay in the UK during the programme. Here’s the thing: There are five accelerators in the UK that can potentially give you an advantage in the visa process. These accelerators can...

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50 Awesome Chicago Based Startups You Should Get To Know

Chicago is a startup hub that does not have one defining characteristic. The tech community and coworking culture spreading throughout the city encompasses a variety of industries from social good and health tech, to food accelerators and real estate. Known for having one of the top ranking economies in the world in both size and diversity, Chicago attracts a highly educated talent pool, and stable infrastructure as the tech sector is split amongst diverse focuses. Chicago also has great funding opportunities with angel investors like Hyde Park Angels and Cornerstone Angels, to coworking spaces, incubators and accelerators like Lightbank, TechStars...

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How Brit + Co Went From Bootstrapped to Raising $20M in Series B Funding

As a bootstrapped company ourselves, we are always curious and inspired by the stories of companies who go from bootstrapping operations in the early days, to raising millions in VC capital just a few years later due to growth. There is a wealth of knowledge to learn from stories of how a company got from point A to point B, and our team was thrilled to get an insider interview from an example of one of those success stories with Brit + Co. Former employee of Apple and Google, Brit Morin, decided to pave her own path by combining her...

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Launching On Betalist – 50 Entrepreneurs Share All

How to succeed on Betalist

We asked 50 entrepreneurs to share their experiences learned after launching their startups on BetaList, the platform that helps startups acquire beta users. Here’s what they had to say: – Stats from Beta List: Total unique visits: 426 Total signups: 118 Total Confirmation: 77 A 18% conversion rate between visitors and waiting list confirmation. We still have to see how many of them convert to users.but we are not in that phase still. The timing was perfect, we were featured just a week before launch the demo and were in the trending startup section for a entire week. I guess...

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