6 Questions with Fer Moreno, Founder of Worona

Fer Moreno is the Founder of Worona, an open source WordPress plugin that enables users to convert their WordPress Blog into a native mobile App.

1. First of all, can you tell us a little about your role and what you do at Worona?

Worona was founded by three Engineers passionate about software development. At the beginning, it was the three of us focused on software architecture and coding.

As time went by, we clearly understood that we should split forces and put more focus on making Worona a profitable business. So Pablo, our CMO, and I decided to take care of that, leaving Luis, our CTO, in charge of the product.

Nowadays I’m responsible for designing and executing our go-to-market strategy, as well as getting people out there to try Worona out. I am also responsible for acquiring talent for our team, which is starting to grow.

2. What is the biggest mistake you have made with Worona so far that other founders can learn from?

I think our biggest mistake was a lack of focus at the beginning. Worona started as an app generator that used WordPress as a CMS. We decided to offer our mobile app creation service to different segments: restaurants, hotels, universities.

When you have a product that can satisfy the needs of many different customer segments, you try to reach as many markets as possible.

This sounds logical, I mean, the more doors you knock on, the more probabilities you have of one of those doors opening, right?

Well, that can be true for companies with a big amount of resources, but for us, as a startup whose resources are limited, it resulted in not having enough information on any of our customer segments, despite all our efforts and the time consumed trying to market our product.

That’s when we decided (thanks to a conversation we had with someone in the industry) that we should focus only in the WordPress ecosystem.

We realised that in order to create our app generator, we had developed a set of tools that any WordPress developer could use to create apps for himself or his clients.

It made sense to focus on improving that technology in order to take it to the next level, and that’s what we are doing now.

With Worona 1.0 (which will be released in a few months) we will improve how WordPress sites behave on mobile phones substantially, and we are really excited about that!

3. In your view, when should a web facing startup launch a mobile app instead of just having a good mobile responsive version of their site?

We think you don’t have to choose between both solutions.

With a Mobile App your users can read the content even when they don’t have internet connection, they can receive push notifications every time new posts are available and you can drive more engagement on your content, but nowadays, having a good responsive theme is mandatory.

4. What apps, software, and tools can’t you live without?

We absolutely love Trello in Worona. We use it for EVERYTHING, from managing software development projects to gathering information about potential partners. We are also big fans of Hackpad for creating collaborative documents.

On a more technical side, we love SourceTree to manage our git repositories, and Atom to code in. We also use Sketch for everything design-related, and, of course, Dropbox to share documents amongst the team.

Personally, I recently discovered the EasilyDo app, and it’s been great so far.

5. What’s your best time-saving shortcut or life hack?

Do Yoga or some exercise first time in the morning. It will increase your awareness and focus for the rest of the day, making you not only healthier, but also a more productive, happier and loving human being.

Learn to play a musical instrument and play with other people. It’s really fun and it lets you discover a kind of communication that goes beyond words. Plus, music is mathematics with soul, and mathematics are good for your brain 😉

6. What resource have you watched/read/listened to that’s had the biggest impact on your business/life so far this year, and why?

Business: the “Traction” book. It’s a really useful resource if you already have a product and you want to get it out there.

It gives you a detailed explanation of the different channels you can use to market your product, and it opens your mind beyond the SEO, SEM and Facebook Ads that everyone uses.

Life: the “Tibetan Book of the Dead”. After all, we all are gonna die some day.

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