Military – Grade Security With GhostMail

Recent revelations on NSA/CIA spying have prompted many to reconsider how they communicate online, especially with regards to private conversations and email.

That’s why a team of danish IT security experts led by Nick Klitgaard and Micky Joe set out to create GhostMail, a super secure communication platform for email and chat. It’s free for everyone to use and requires no downloads or software instalments.

“After Snowden’s revelations strong focus on privacy has come to stay. The Internet has become extremely un-secure and we are happy to help our users protect themselves – and the people they are communicating with,” states Klitgaard, the founding CEO.

All data in GhostMail is military grade encrypted and hence protected against hackers, spying, mass surveillance and other threats.

In addition, the GhostMail team has no access whatsoever to your data and/or messages. Even though they have access to the servers, data is encrypted and there is no way anyone other than yourself can read and access the contents.

GhostMail also offers two-factor login authentication. This means that, if you wish so, you can further protect your account by using a mobile device in conjunction with your primary password.

The team behind GhostMail also created a HFE (High Frequency Erasing) Algorithm, which constantly deletes data, emails and information from their servers. This is the technology that allows you to set a self-destructing timer with your own emails and chats, i.e. one hour/day/week after it has been read – the message is then deleted forever.

Speaking of servers, the GhostMail team goes to ridiculous extents to make sure your data is 100% secure. Their servers are located in a nuclear bunker 30 meters below a Swedish mountain. This is one of the most secure and guarded data centers in the world.

But Klitgaard states that this is just the start: “We will, in the near future, introduce even more cool features, to enhance our users online security and privacy”.

Give GhostMail a try for a more secure way to chat and email online.

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