Share and learn sheet music and cover songs, with Baptiste Poirier, Co-Founder of Paris based Jellynote

Baptiste, please introduce yourself…

I’m Baptiste Poirier, I was born here in Paris, where I currently live. I’m an engineer, and I worked a couple of years as a financial analyst for Amundi. I liked it, but now I won’t go back to that job. I love the entrepreneur’s life!

What’s the story behind creating Jellynote and can you explain how it works?

Jellynote came from a personal need of our team (Adrien, Arthur and me), where the current available tools for practicing music were not enough for us.

We created something new, which did a better job in helping us play the songs we wanted to play. Eventually, this became Jellynote. Jellynote is a social network with interactive sheet music and tablatures.

Sheet music on Jellynote plays along with you, and corrects your playing (via the microphone on your laptop). It also plays in sync with Youtube covers of the song, so that you can see another person playing the song you wanna learn.

Jellynote works in a Freemium manner: We offer all of our database (which is made by users, in fact) and lots of features for free, but you need a Premium subscription to take advantage of the Learning and Practice modes, where Jellynote corrects your playing.

How’s traction working out so far?

We launched the website as a beta version in october 2012. Then we launched the Premium service a year later.

We’ve reached recently 1,300,000 monthly visits, which is a huge milestone for us after a year and a half of being online, if you take into account that not a cent has been spent in advertising or marketing campaigns.

What strategies are you using to market Jellynote?

At the moment, we’re only relying in good old word-of-mouth with social networks and internet press, and we’ve implemented SEO techniques. All of this has worked rather well.

We just launched an ambassadors program with loyal users, and we’ll be looking into the value it will add to the website.

If you were to start over again, what would you do differently, and why?

As Edith Piaf once said, “je ne regrette rien”. I don’t regret anything that we’ve done so far. We haven’t done a perfect job, but only good things have come from our progress so far, since you always learn from mistakes. Mistakes make us better human beings in the end.

How does being based in Paris impact the business?

Paris has an interesting network of startup accelerators and investors. But not in the same proportions as Silicon Valley or other tech hubs in the US.

Anyway, when you’re running a company on the internet you don’t have to be based in a specific area. You can touch every corner of the earth.

If we were in America, Germany or Russia, things would be the same. Just without the Eiffel Tower on the landscape.

[Tweet “If we were in America, things would be the same. Just without the Eiffel Tower on the landscape.”]

How do you see the startup and investment ecosystem developing in Paris?

As I just said, the ecosystem is developing at a really high speed. You have new accelerators, such as The Family and Numa, who boost startup growth.

Things are changing really fast, and I think that pretty soon, Paris is going to become a strong startup hub.

What’s next for you and Jellynote?

Expansion in all terms is just around the corner. We will be recruiting a lot, refine our presence on mobile platforms, and work on the website’s monetization.

Moreover, the main challenge for Jellynote will remain to become more and more awesome every day.

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