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SaaS SEO Magic

How does our SaaS SEO agency consistently get clients to the top of the search results?


By strategically combining ingredients:

(Ok not magical but still pretty awesome)



Powerful Branding

Have you noticed how big brand dominate the top-10? It’s no secret at this point that Google has a big school-girl crush on established, authoritative brands. Before they send traffic your way, they want to know that you’re a player in your field.

If you want to be on page 1, you need some “brand power"

During the first month of your campaign, our job is to transform your SaaS into a trusted brand in your niche - the kind Google loves. This should be the foundation of EVERY SEO campaign.

So how do we turn your SaaS into a kickass brand? Well in a lot of different ways really. We use a big combination of social media signals, linked & unlinked “brand mentions”, naked URL links from Alexa Top-1000 sites, and a whole lot more. We want you to get the big brand unfair advantage that the algorithm likes to give.

When Google scans the internet, they’re going to see your brand… everywhere. Not to show off or anything, but you’re kinda going to be a big deal once we’re done.



Juicy Backlinks

Search engines also have a thing for backlinks. They love them.

In fact, backlinks are still the #1 most correlated ranking signal for SEO success... IF they’re from real websites with actual traffic that is.

See, a lot of SEO companies use backlinks from sites that are absolute garbage. PBN’s, tiered Web 2.0’s, forum spam, you name it. These may work temporarily (keyword = may), but the results simply won’t last. If you want to dominate the rankings over the long term, you need real juicy links from real sites.

That’s where SaaSicorn excels. We’ve got a war-chest full of white hat methods that actually deliver results that you can keep. Guest posting, broken link building, manual outreach, resource links, editorials, etc.

Over the years we’ve built relationships with thousands of webmasters in hundreds of niches. We can get legit backlinks that most SEO companies could never dream of.

When Google sees all these powerful backlinks to your site, it’s a sign to them that your site deserves some love.



Keyword Research
Specifically For YOU

Here’s the deal with keywords: they’re not all created equal. We’ve found that many SEO companies just go after generic keywords with the largest volume or some other vanity metric.

That’s a big mistake.

We prefer to focus primarily on keywords that are both very niche-specific and have a “buyer intent” behind them. In other words, we bring people to your site who are actually interested in buying your stuff and not just browsing the web.

It’s the difference between someone searching for “project management” and “best project management app for designers”. The first search doesn’t necessarily have any specific intent behind it. The second search is absolutely loaded with it as you are helping searchers find EXACTLY what they need.

By focusing primarily on powerful, buyer intent keywords, we get the RIGHT traffic to your site.



Deep Website Audit & Content Optimization

If your website is sub-par, then all the brand building, backlinks, and keyword research in the world probably won’t do it much good. That’s why we do a deep dive into your site, analyzing everything from its search intent, to internal linking, technical structure, page speed, broken links and more.

We don’t stop at just a superficial analysis of title tags and headers.

We make sure your website is perfectly optimized for all the ranking fireworks that are coming its way.


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Our SaaS SEO packages start at $2,000 per month and vary based on the work needed to succeed.
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