10 Startup Focused Slack Chats Worth Joining


The startup world is all about who you know. Networking with peers, industry leaders, mentors and investors is key when it comes to creating a supportive team for your company and moving your business forward.

Depending on your business and how you’re getting started, building a company from the ground up can also be isolating – especially if you’re bootstrapping or working with a small team.

Whether it’s connecting with like-mined individuals around the globe or finding your dream job, it’s important to network in a variety of ways. Enter Slack.

Slack is a collaborative business app that has blown up this past year, and for good reason.

The easy-to-use app allows teams to communicate through chat, private messages and file sharing while also allowing users to search their conversations, as well other apps they use like Dropbox, Google or Twitter.

The fact that Slack integrates with a variety of messaging forms and other services is what makes it so beneficial – with team members increasingly balancing a number of different tools and messaging preferences, Slack brings everyone together in one place.

The communication tool is also bringing workers together in another way through Slack Chats, a set of forums where anyone can join themed chats to chime in on different topics, many of which are geared toward entrepreneurs, developers and startups.

From digital nomads to Android developers, here are ten open Slack Chats worth joining:

1. #startup

The ultimate Slack Chat for startups, this group welcomes anyone looking to discuss startups and being an entrepreneur. Interested? Apply to join on the website with a quick introduction and reason why you’d be a great fit for the group.

2. Bootstrapped Chat

Bootstrappng your business and looking for other bootstrappers to connect with? This chat is for you. Get the inside scoop on what others are working on, kick around ideas or get advice.

3. #Nomads

With a community of more than 1,000 digital nomads, this Slack Chat focuses on life, work, travel and where they all intersect.

4. Hacker X

Hacker X is a group designed for developers from around the globe. Join to network, participate in Q&As and more by visiting their website.

5. Founded X

A group focusing on innovative startups, Founded X highlights aspects of starting a business in different areas around the world.

6. Finnish Startups

Several of the groups are focused around startups and business in specific regions. This chat is meant for Finnish entrepreneurs as well as foreigners interested in business in Finland.

7. Irish Tech Startups

This is another chat geared specifically toward a certain region and is a community initiative wanting to connect people within Irish tech startups.

8. Hacker Chat

A chat for developers of all kinds. Request an invitation by connecting with the organizer on Twitter.

9. iOS Developer

This chat is geared toward iOS developers around the world. Those interested in joining need to email the organizer for an invitation.

10. Android Developer

Developers interested in connecting and chatting with others who are working with the Android platform can email the organizer to request an invite.

Which popular Slack chats did we miss? Let us know via Twitter 🙂

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