50 Resources You Need To Read To Generate More Sales In 2015


Want to make more money in 2015? Of course you do. Read on for hundreds of tips, tricks, recommendations and guides that are guaranteed to help startups of all sizes generate more sales this year.

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Lead Generation

1. Marketo’s Lead Generation Success CenterNot only does this post share a good overview of the different ways you can focus on and improve lead generation, it also links through to more than 30 additional posts and resources on the subject.

2. 9 Proven Ways to Generate Sales Leads – In this article from CIO, different sales and marketing experts share a range of tips for generating sales leads, from using LinkedIn to speaking at trade shows.

3. 10 Ways to Quickly Generate Leads – Entrepreneur has a treasure trove of sales-related posts and resources, like this one.

4. 10 Tips for Lead Generation – These ten simple tips from Magneto boil down the areas you should really be focusing on.

5. 9 Tips for Retailers to Generate More Online Sales in 2015 – Another helpful roundup of actionable tips to increase sales.

6. The 30 Greatest Lead Generation Tips Tricks & Ideas – This free eBook from Hubspot is packed with helpful tips and information for better generating more leads.

7. 4 Steps to Convert More Leads Into Sales – Getting more leads is great…but they don’t mean much if you can’t close the deal.

8. 8 Lead Generation Strategies that Will Boost Your Sales – Which of these tactics and strategies do you think would work for your business?

9. How to Qualify a Sales Lead – Knowing how to quickly, and accurately, qualify a sales lead will help save you time and money while focusing more attention on the leads likely to convert.

10. The 10 Commandments of an Awesome Lead-Generating Website – From the folks at Kiss Metrics, this post highlights what you should have on your landing page to lead potential customers into a sale.

Content Marketing & Social Media

11. Why Content is Still King When it Comes to Lead Generation – This Entrepreneur article highlights the importance and value of focusing on quality content to drive sales.

12. 3 Ways to Generate Concrete Sales Leads Through Social Media – While most marketers agree on the importance of social media, it’s often hard to show a clear ROI. This post suggests ways of setting up your social media efforts to then be able to thoroughly track efforts and prove their effectiveness.

13. 10 Simple Tweaks to Generate More Sales Through Blogs – Think blogs are just good for SEO? Think again…

14. How to Use Social Media to Grow Sales The title says it all!

15. How long Does it Take for SEO to Start Working? – An excellent post breaking down old vs. new SEO and how you should go about your SEO efforts.

16. 50 Entrepreneurs Share Their Top 3 Social Media Marketing Tips – The world of social media marketing is filled with nearly endless possibilities – so where to begin? Check out these tips from 50 entrepreneurs to get an inside look at what has worked for other startups.

17. The Beginner’s Guide to SEO – Produced by Moz, this is one of the best SEO guides out there for beginners and even those who are more experienced but looking for a quick refresher course on the basics.

18. How to Use LinkedIn to Drive Sales – Especially for B2B marketing, LinkedIn can be a great platform for connecting potential customers and building trust with your company.

Focusing on the Customer

19. 10 Ways to Get More Sales from Existing Customers – Instead of focusing on continually bringing in new customers, try to leverage your existing customers for even more sales.

20. Using Promotions to Generate More Sales – This resource from PayPal breaks down different promotional opportunities and then shows you how to implement them for your own business.

21. 3 Ways Your Startup Can Gain the Trust of Prospective Clients – As a startup with no track record, you have to work extra hard on gaining potential customers’ trust.

22. Digital Marketers Must Own the Customer Lifecycle– While marketers used to just be responsible for ‘filling the sales funnel’ with potential leads, they now need to be at the forefront of every customer interaction.

23. 4 Vital Lessons Sales Teams Should Learn From Customer Service – Customer service and sales teams are working closer together than ever before. Here’s why they should in your company too.

24. 3 Steps to Effect Sales Promotions – Get customers on the fence to actually make a purchase by creating an effective promotion.

25. Tips for Customer Service and Sales to Build Trust – This podcast from Search CRM shares effective tips for boosting your company’s customer service to help create loyal customers.

26. 7 Customer Support Hacks to Increase Sales, Build Better Customer Relationships and Grow Your Business – These actionable tips clearly lay out best practices for increasing your customer service.

Growth Hacking

27. 101 Must-Read Resources to Become a World Class Growth Hacker – Whether you’re just starting out or are a growth hacking expert, you’re sure to find some new tips and tricks in this extensive list of resources!

28. Growth Hacking Tips: Improving Your Sales Funnel – This tips are geared specifically toward improving your funnel and increasing sales.

29. 50 Growth Hacking Tactics You Can Test and Implement within 10 Minutes – While many growth hacking tricks require some time to plan and run, these tactics are able to be implemented quickly.

30. How to Growth Hack Your eCommerce Business for More Traffic and Sales – Designed by Shopify specifically for eCommerce sites, this guide is worth bookmarking.

31. The Best 6 Growth Hacks to Get Customers Without Having to Pay for Them – These tips let you put your time, money and resources into individual hacks that will generate multiple leads and customers.

32. How to Apply Growth Hacking to Your Content Marketing – Implement some of these growth hacking tactics to increase the effectiveness of your content marketing and, therefore, your sales.

33. Sales Growth Hacking Lessons from Google, Dropbox and RelateIQ – Learn from the big what works and what doesn’t in this webinar.

34. 100 Actionable Tips for Growth Hacking Revenue – Want even more growth hacking sales tips? Here are100.

Email Marketing

35. 15 Email Marketing Tips for Accelerated Growth – Focusing on your email marketing efforts should quickly result to increase connections with your audience, website traffic and sales.

36. Ecommerce Marketing Tips: 10 Tips to Boost Product Sales – Another one from Shopify, this post highlights how Email marketing makes up more than 7% of all eCommerce transactions and how you should be taking advantage of it.

37. Growth Hacking Email: 50 Things You Should Know About Email Marketing – Email marketing can be as simple or complicated as you make it. Take a look through these tips and see what would be useful for your business and audience.

38. 5 Email Marketing Tips to Increase Engagement and Conversion – From creating effective headlines to writing messages with one person in mind, these tried and true tips are useful for almost any newsletter campaign.


39. 10 Tips for Creating a Successful Google Adwords Campaign – Learn how to improve the ROI on your next Adwords campaign.

40. How to Use Social Media Ads to Increase Holiday Sales – While this post looks at promoting sales during the Christmas holiday season, the tips can be used any time of the year.

41. Top 12 Tips To Writing Effective Google Adwords Select Ads – Google Adwords can be very effective, but it takes some time to get them right. Writing effective copy is one of the most important things you can do to connect with potential customers.

Even more…

42. 20 Ways to Increase Your Sales Page Conversion – These 20 tips break down the features of an effective sales page and clue you in on how you can create one yourself.

43. 5 Secrets to Winning More Sales – These five simple tips to keep in mind will have you increasing sales in no time.

44. 25 Ways Startups Can Increase App Conversions and Sales – What could you be doing differently to increasing sales through your app?

45. Using Event Tracking to Generate Even More Sales Online – This post highlights the importance of creating events on your site to track clicks and learn more about your customer.

46. Tips Startups Can Use to Better Manage Their Sales Processes – While all companies’ sales funnels, teams, practices and goals vary, there are many things you can do at any level to better manage sales processes and increase conversion rates.

47. 15 Psychological Triggers to Convert Leads into Prospects – Yes, the power of science can help you get more sales.

48. The Key to Converting Online Sales: Speed – The quicker you respond to a lead, the better chance you have of converting it into an actual sale.

49. 30 Ways to Boost Sales Without Discounting – You don’t have to lower the price of your product to get more people to make a purchase.

50. 5 Simple Ways to Increase Sales – These five tips can be applied to any company in any industry.


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