10 Tools You Need to Successfully Manage Your Remote Working Team

Here are our top 10 tools you need to successfully manage your remote working team.

When your team is spread from Mumbai to New York City, management becomes a little bit more complicated than simply walking from one desk to another with new instructions.

Technology has made it easy for businesses to hire remote workers. It’s also created new challenges for managers trying to coordinate a team located in two, five, or ten different time zones.

With the right tools, you can make remote management less of a headache and far more of a fluid, stress-free activity. From paid apps to free utilities, these ten tools deserve a place in every manager’s remote business toolkit.

For Conversations: Skype

It’s buggy, insecure, and a notorious resource hog, but Skype is still the conversation app of choice for most of the online business world. Cool features like group video chat and simple file transfers make it far better than Yahoo Messenger or AOL.

Alternative: HipChat, an IM app built from the ground up for online businesses.

For File Sharing: Dropbox

Dropbox has been around since 2008, and it remains the best choice for sharing files between team members. The free service is enough for most businesses, but online businesses that share large files may need a premium account.

Alternative: MEGA, an encrypted file sharing platform ideal for maximizing privacy.

For Project Management: Basecamp

Basecamp is one of our favorite project management apps. Developed in 2004, it’s grown into a clean, simple application for small businesses that need to remotely manage freelancers and employees.

Alternative: Trello, a free project management app for individuals and businesses.

For Time Tracking: Toggl

Track the amount of time you spend on important tasks and keep track of what your employees spend their time on. Toggl is a simple time tracking application that’s just as useful for freelancers as it is for large teams.

Alternative: Harvest, a great time tracking and invoicing tool for freelancers.

For Customer Relationship Management: Highrise

Need to manage a sales team? Keep track of your prospects, your customers, and your entire sales team with Highrise. This CRM app includes helpful SMS alerts so that you never miss an important follow-up.

Alternative: Sales Force, a powerful cloud CRM app for larger online businesses.

For Networking: Rapportive

Want to share an email contact with your team? Rapportive is a free Google Chrome plugin that shows you and your team members everything you need to know about your contacts, right in your Gmail inbox.

For Managing Passwords: LastPass

Sharing passwords with your team is a pain, and a serious security risk. LastPass is an excellent password manager that lets your team access your accounts without threatening your security.

For Small Projects: Google Drive

Sometimes projects are quick and simple, making Basecamp and other management apps less helpful than usual. Google Drive is great for collaborating on small projects and quick one-off work that doesn’t require its own Basecamp project.

For Screenshots: Jing

Share screenshots, ideas, and videos with your remote team. Jing is a free app for PC and Mac that lets you capture visual ideas to share with employees, contractors, and other team members.

For Contracts: HelloSign

Let your employees, contractors, and clients sign agreements remotely. HelloSign is an online signature app that lets your team members sign legally binding US and EU contracts from their Gmail inbox.

What tools and processes do you use to manage your remote working team?

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