Underdog – The Best-Kept Secret In Startup Hiring

Building a great team is one of the most difficult challenges founders will need to face. Finding people that not only are spectacular workers, but also are a fantastic culture fit is a tremendous task.

If you based in New York City, there is a good chance that all your problems are solved with Underdog.io, a curated, two-sided marketplace for talent that makes it easy to connect talent with venture-backed startups in a fast and painless way.

They launched silently less than a year ago, but it has become one of the best kept secrets in hiring: “we’re working with 100 of the top startups in NYC, but we’re still under the radar”, says Co-Founder Josh Goldstein.

It’s an amazing deal for startups: for $350/month, you get access to top curated engineers, designers, product managers, data scientists, and business hires . There are no hidden fees, and you get direct access to the candidate.

Quick scenario to think about: if a startup uses a recruiter to find and hire a candidate that will make $100,000/year, the recruiter’s fee would be at least 15% of that candidate’s salary, or $15,000.

A startup could use Underdog.io for about 4 years and get access to more than 8,320 curated candidates for that same sum. For us, it’s a no-brainer.

On the other side, if you are someone looking for your next job, this is the easiest way to get your resume directly in front of decision makers at New York’s best startups.

“Candidates love us because our signup process is fast, painless, and efficient”, explains Josh.

Besides, the closed network system makes all your info private so you don’t need to worry about your current employer finding out about your ‘secret job hunts’.

Underdog.io is growing fast. They are currently based and operating in NYC, but they’ve had serious requests to open in 10 other cities like Austin, Chicago, San Francisco, Denver and London.

The team told us they are sure they’ll keep innovating on the recruiting space: “while the plan is to scale the recruiting piece quickly, we’re also building tools to help people organize their job search and discovery.”

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