10 Ways Startups Can Increase User Engagement Today


A startups is nothing without users. Engagement can mean different things depending on the company, platform, product and end goal, however, without it, you won’t be able to attract potential customers and convert buyers.

Increasing user engagement is an ongoing task, but there are plenty of basic tips, tricks and tools to keep in mind to boost user engagement, and we have listed 10 below.

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Focus content on the customer, not you

Good copy focuses on the customer, not the company. Instead of writing copy to highlight the company’s offerings and sterling quality, position copy to emphasize how the reader will benefit – what’s in it for them?

Access better insights

To increase user engagement you first need to have a crystal clear idea on who users are – what are their needs and what are their frustrations?

New tools like Hotjar Insights combine various reporting and analytics methods, like heatmaps, survey creation and visitor session tracking, to offer a complete picture of who your users are, how they’re interacting with your site and where they’re getting stuck.

Speak the customer’s language

Startups are great for clearly aligning their product with a specific user right from the beginning, but it’s still important to continually keep the customer’s needs, wants and voice in mind.

Use customer surveys to figure out what they’re really thinking then incorporate findings back into your product and content in ways that the customer can easily relate to.

Combine social media and customer service

Not only is social media a great tool for increasing your online presence and directly interacting with your customers in real time, it’s also an important customer service channel.

Companies have greater access to their customers, and vice versa, than ever before – use it to your advantage by offering excellent, immediate customer service to turn potential problems or on-the-fence customers into positive experiences and loyal fans.

Customize your email marketing

Your customers aren’t going to open an email that doesn’t pertain to directly to them and, chances are, you have different target audiences.

Customize your email marketing so different messages reach different audiences and show your customers you’re completely inline with their need.

Personalize your website landing pages

Along with targeted email campaigns, create customized landing pages for customers coming to the site from different sources. Your customers are all different, so why should they be going to the same homepage?

Fine tune your user interface

Simple changes, such as making important information more prominent or streamlining your menu options to limit overwhelm, can make a big impact in how your visitors interact with your site and product.

Test different options then evaluate user activity and analytics to see what works best for audience and site navigation.


Think of ways to make potential customers feel like they need to act ASAP – whether that’s interacting with the brand on social media or buying a product.

Reward customers for engagement or purchases with future discounts or increased access, or create demand by offering a limited time offer.

Make it easy

Reduce any unnecessary barriers to buy or use your product – make using your product a joy, not a hassle. This could mean reducing choices, clicks or information needed to purchase, or making sure your website is responsive (link to web design post if posted after) to ensure users can easily access information from their laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Offer up the goods for free

Of course you’ll need customers to buy at some point but play around with how much you can offer them for free.

Can you provide a free trial, smaller purchase bundles or the ability to use the service before actually signing up? Let your customers know what they’re getting, and get them hooked, before they have to buy.


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